Below is the general interface for Prisma Palette.

Each section is laid out to only deal with a specific task within the tool.

Tooltips are availible within the tool if you hover over any button. (only works on PC currently)

Select Bar:

Button Bar

  1. Light Picker Mode: The colour picker will display the lit gamut, and output lit colours.
  2. Local Colour Mode: The colour picker will display the normal gamut, but output lit colours.
  3. Standard mode: A standard colour picker like every other picker ever.
  4. Light Pack Editor: Lets you save, load, and export/import light packs for later use, or for sharing with other people.

Local Colour Picker:

The display area for current selected swatches. The right side will show the local colour of an object, while the left will show the light affected colour and is what the photoshop colour will be set to. Clicking on any swatch in prisma palette will set photoshops current colour to that swatches colour.

Where you pick colours from. You can enable sliders for this section and change the mode of the picker.

The picker modes availible currently are.

  1. Hue mode: The slider changes hue.
  2. Saturation mode: The slider saturation.
  3. Value mode: The Slider changes value.

Extra sliders availible include: HSV, RGB and CIE*Lab Mode.

Light Selector:

  1. Switch: Turn the light on and off
  2. Swatch: Displays the current light colour. Clicking on it will set photoshops current color to the light colour.
  3. Name: Double click to edit, or click in this area once to select layer.
  4. Light Channels: How you select what light layers are turned on and off by the shortcut key. Can also be accessed by the explicit buttons at in the edit bar.

Light Edit Bar:

  1. Add: Adds a new light
  2. Delete: Deletes a light
  3. Exposure warning: Is a simple indicator. If the button is green everything is fine. If it turns red, that means the top end of the gamut is over exposed, and can produce ugly colours that can not be reverse engineered back to a local color by the panel.
  4. Explicit light channel selectors: Will change what lights are currently on according to the light channel selectors on the lights.

An overexposed paletted is not particularily useful!

Light Edit:

How you select the light colours. As with the object picker, you can add different sliders.

  1. Revert Changes button: reverts the light back to it's colour when you first selected it.
  2. Close Light: Will close the light preserving changes.
  3. Capture Colour: Use photoshops current colour as the light color.
  4. Swatch: Displays the current light colour. Clicking on it will select the current light colour.


it can be possible to want to save light setups for future use, or to transfer settings between photoshop installs.

  • Import: Lets the user import external files.
  • Export: Lets the user export a file to be loaded in other copies of Prisma Pallete.
  • Save Icon: Lets the user save presets to the internal scene manager.
  • Use: Will replace lights with selected lights.
  • Append: Will add saved lights to current light scene.
  • Trash: Delete selected light packs.